NPS Shoes

Who We Are

NPS Shoes is an independent and family-run business manufacturing the finest hand-made Goodyear-welted footwear in the county of Northamptonshire, England.  Established in 1881, we have a proud and distinguished heritage in footwear manufacturing.

What We Do

We specialise in manufacturing boots and shoes on behalf of brands and wholesalers such as Jack Wills,, John Lewis, Hudson, Art Comes First, F-Troupe, Heritage Research, Boden and George Cox. We also have our own brands: Solovair and the NPS Heritage and Country collections.

How We Can Help

Our website presents a representative gallery of shoes and boots that we have recently made, alongside case studies of products we manufacture for premium brands. We are not limited to the selection of footwear styles and finishes shown on this website; we have a proven track record of working with customers to develop their own footwear products from just a concept or design. In conjunction with our significant footwear manufacturing experience, we own a vast array of tooling and have access to most components and materials in footwear manufacturing.

We can assist you and your brand throughout the product development cycle:

  • Conceptualisation and product design;
  • Pattern-making and tooling;
  • Sourcing all components including leather, buckles, laces, shoe boxes and tissue paper;
  • Prototype/sample footwear, and finally;
  • Shipping and distribution logistics

If you are a wholesaler or buyer that would like to discuss about our services and capability in greater detail, please contact us via Please note that as a bulk manufacturer we are unable to make or sell individual pairs for members of the public. Please do not send products back to NPS Shoes, instead contact the retailer whom you purchased the footwear for exchange and returns.